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At Global College Search Associates, we offer a client-based, interest-focused approach to the college search and selection process. Using this foundation, we navigate our clients through an array of career options achievable through the many majors and programs available throughout various educational institutions in the US and abroad. Then, after carefully assembling that list of schools, we orchestrate with our clients and application that tells their story effectively and efficiently to an admissions committee therefore giving them the best possibly opportunity for gaining admission.

Our work helps families:

  • learn what they do not know about this process and,

  • help them get organized so that each step is manageable and not overwhelming. 

We achieve our goals by:

  • working directly with families,

  • adding value to the work of financial advisors or;

  • assisting employers who wish to offer our services as a special benefit to their employees.

Wherever the need, we can assist.

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We are your personal guide with extensive higher education knowledge focused on making this an enjoyable process for you and your child.

Global College Search Associates offers a full range of consulting services to help our clients make informed decisions about career exploration and the schools that will help them to be successful in that pursuit. At Global College Search Associates, our clients come first. We tailor all our services to suit each client, because no two are the same. Click below to see our full list of individual family services .



We help you control the amount of downtime your employees spend handling their students college search and application process.

Global College Search Associates has years of experience helping companies provide added value to their benefits. We understand that your employees experience a tremendous amount of stress while they help their child during this critical decision-making process. Our assistance helps to reduce their stress and contain the work hours they dedicate to this task resulting in a workforce that is less stressed and focused on their core job responsibilities. We also meet the needs of companies of all shapes and sizes, from small firms to bustling multinationals. Our assistance delivers instant, significant, and positive change for your company. Contact us today to discuss this unique benefit for your company!


We add value to your financial advising by helping your clients find their child's right-fit college as wisely as you helped them save for this moment.

Global College Search Associates is here to help your clients with their next steps. You helped them develop a plan to save for their child's college education. Do you want to leave the outcome of those savings to just anyone? Help them spend those hard earned dollars wisely. Engage us to manage your client's informed decision about where their child will attend, just as you helped them make similar decisions about investing.  Our experts will help your clients navigate their child's career options and then explore the right-fit colleges that will help them realize those dreams. Call us today to understand how Global College Search can finish the journey for your clients.


“Starting my college search was really scary. But Global College Search Associates helped  me move forward without getting caught up in the details. I was very impressed with their professionalism and transparency throughout the consulting process.”

Emily A. | Highland Park, IL

“Global College Search Associates gave me tons of fresh ideas about what careers I might consider. They made it so easy to focus on majors and schools that had them. I’d never be where I’m am now without their amazing ideas and support.”

Michael G. | Forest Park, IL

“After working in my field for many years, I knew I needed a change but wasn't sure what career to consider next. I needed a fresh start. After taking the I-Strong assessment Global College Search Associates helped me understand my options and choose the next step in my new venture. Always open and receptive to my ideas and values, Global College Search Associates provided me with complementary solutions.”

Zihan G. | China



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