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We offer both 1-on-1 Sessions with clients as well as group opportunities via our Group Webinar Series.

To see the services in both of these categories, follow the links below. 

If you are not ready to book online - call us first at (312) 725-3279.

We can discuss the right next steps based on your needs. 

1-on-1 Sessions

If you are considering more personal and individualized assistance, we can help! Our consultants are available for a free initial consultation. Click below to schedule an initial meeting and to explore our other 1-on-1 services. 

Group Webinar Series

We offer several group Webinar Series to assist families through the process of searching for colleges as well as completing the application. Our most popular is our Admissions Essay Accelerator Course! To Learn more or to book these services click below.

1-On-1 Services

Our 1-On-1 service provide families with the piece-of-mind that all considerations are being covered.


Collectively, our team represents over 100 years of service in higher education admissions so we know the process well.


We can help you tell your story. Consider these services below. 

Group Webinar Series

Making professional college application consulting more affordable. 

Every family is different. We get that. Not everyone needs or has the resources to hire a personal guide through this process. 

If you are one of those individuals, our group webinars with optional counseling sessions are the right fit for you. 

GCSA has created small group webinars focused on particular topics related to the college search and application process. 

We are constantly building new webinars and topics that will be scheduled throughout the year. Check out our offerings below and book the ones that speak to your specific pain point. We know we can help.