College Search Without Stress


A Webinar Series that guides students and their families through career exploration to final enrollment.  

Dr. Bruce C. Neimeyer


Student resumes. Standardized tests. Teacher recommendations. College visits. Common application essays. These are just a few of the many stressful demands that families experience in the college search process, concurrently during the all-too-busy junior and senior years of high school. Many families attempt to face these challenging milestones alone on their own – without taking advantage of the resources and tools that can help them to manage the stress of the entire process.


This webinar series is designed with BOTH the student and parents in mind. Families will learn strategies for navigating the college search process from two world-renowned experts:  Dr. Bruce Neimeyer helps families worldwide to navigate the college search process and Dr. Suzie Carmack is a world-renowned well-being scholar and coach. They are also parents who have navigated the college search process personally  -- and they designed this series to help both students and their parents to enjoy this often challenging (and stressful) college search journey.

"This was so incredibly helpful!
Thank you so much for doing this for our parents and kids!!"

— Alex

“Fantastic Job! Our family really enjoyed both of your presentations."

— Deborah

Introducing the College Without Stress
Webinar Series

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Study Group

December 15, 2019

Webinar #1

Junior Year College Search and Selection Planning (FREE)

6:00 pm

Join us for this free one hour presentation on the high school junior year planning process. These goals and tips will help you to manage the college search and selection process like a pro, reduce everyone's stress and you just might begin to enjoy this process. 

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Dr. Bruce C. Neimeyer

Lovers Hug

January 29th, 2020

Webinar #2

Getting Ahead of the College Stress Curve

6:00 pm

$47.00 registration fee

In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn how to get ahead of the college stress curve by applying recent research findings from the science of compassion. Students and parents will learn 8 strategies for practicing more compassionate communication, and explore how these strategies can protect your family well-being throughout the college search process – while improving academic performance and enhancing creativity.


Dr. Suzie Carmack

International Flags

February 23rd, 2020

Webinar #3

Applying to International Universities! 

6:00 pm

$47 registration fee

Thinking that you might want to attend University overseas? Could the school where Copernicus study be the place to get your undergraduate degree? Learn about the application process for some of the more popular international universities of choice for US students seeking an alternative to US institutions.  

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Dr. Bruce C. Neimeyer