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I had a wonderful experience with the webinar. I took a lot of notes so the information will stay with me for a long time, and I enjoyed the overall tone of the sessions (i.e. not drab and monotonous). Out of everything that I learned, what stuck with me the most is that the essay is a way to show our human side on the application, and not a list of our accomplishments.

Thomas H | Disney II Magnet High School | Chicago IL

I really liked the webinar and thought it was very helpful to get people thinking. I feel like I have more clarity with the common app essays and am able to brainstorm more after learning about the expectations.

Jessica M | Walter Payton College Prep | Chicago IL

The most important thing I learned was how to write about myself. Although both of the hosts provided us with guidelines for structuring and editing our essays, they stressed the importance of non-judgement writing that allowed me to break from the analytical writing we learn in school. They employed a number of techniques, real-life examples, and advice about how to approach and follow through with our college essays.

Luke M | Lincoln Park High School | Chicago IL

I learned the value of a line of reasoning and the importance of having a story that is unique to you. I was very pleased with my experience and would likely attend another session. 

Elizabeth E. | Jones College Prep | Chicago IL

This Webinar was incredibly helpful. I am so happy I was able to receive this head start on college applications, and I feel far more prepared to tackle the next chapter of my life! The most important thing I learned was about being concise and commanding the reader's attention.

Joseph C. | Whitney M. Young High School | Chicago IL

The things that stood out the most from the webinar were that focusing on clarity is more important than fancy language and that choosing a topic is important. I really enjoyed participating in this webinar. I definitely have a long way to go when it comes to my own essay, but everything you both mentioned in your presentation has made me feel a lot more confident. 

Elena N. | Whitney M. Young High School | Chicago, IL

I had a great experience! The webinar was very informative and helpful. I was able to get started on my essay and receive helpful feedback, which I appreciate. If I had not registered for this webinar, I would still feel stressed and lost about my essay. All of the information and tools I learned allowed me to create the foundation of my essay.

Giani G. | Lincoln Park High School | Chicago IL


ONLY $500  $197 

 ($247 after June 1st, 2020 - Still a +50% savings ) 

Dear Parents,

We're so happy you decided to look into our College Essay Jump-Start Webinar because we know it can help you and your student move positively forward on the college admissions process.

First, we want you to know that you're not alone!

We received many inquiries after our very first webinar session from parents

just like you

who were frustrated that


  • their student had limited time with their high school college counselor to help with this part of the application, 

  • their student doesn't know how to begin to write their college essay,  

  • because school are test optional the essays have taken on greater important in the college admissions process,

  • your student isn't a very good story teller.

Essentially the college essay has you anxious, concerned and stuck

We get it!

We've seen this in our own clients and kids.

We were all feeling stuck and losing ground everyday because

applications need to be completed and getting stuck on the essay can upset the apple cart on 

AND it's not even your fault.

You were on top of it,

ahead of the curve

and now you're trying to figure out how to keep your process moving forward

but didn't know where to go or what to do next and

your child is looking to you for some guidance. 

Being in this profession for 30+ years and

being faced with our own children looking at us for help,

we decided to help people just like us. 


We wanted to move students and their parents away from feeling depressed

about what should be an exciting and forward thinking time in their life.

We wanted to help them no longer feel stuck in this process

and begin feeling hopeful about their future college and

empowered to move their application process forward.


That is why we created our Common Application College Essay Jump Start Webinar.  

Is your student anxious about completing the 

#1 stress producing college application task? 

If this all sounds like your family right now and you answered YES to this questions,

then please consider registering your student today for our webinar!


The most important thing my daughter learned was how to best structure a solid college application essay. Thank you! This was a great opportunity for my daughter.

Bruce and Patricia were very informative and supportive!


The whole webinar was FABULOUS was full of great information, even beyond how to write a solid college application essay.  My student also learned how to more seriously consider each of their college options and that what might be their dream college could NOT be the right fit for them.



  • fill up some of their down time in the coming week;

  • help them gain valuable writing tools and techniques for their college admission essay;


  • free up their time during senior year so they can actually enjoy that time of their life.

  • gain other valuable college search information and insights from our GCSA consultants | webinars hosts who have 60+ years of combined experience based in this profession. 


Dates coming soon for the 2021 year! 


These webinars are only $147 until June 1st, 2021 and $247 after (a $500 value) to ensure more students can take advantage of this opportunity. We will apply this amount toward the cost of our Comprehensive Service if you decide to hire us for your college search and application journey or 10% off our hourly service.


Each day will look like the following:

Session 1/Day 1 | 11:00 am EST - 11:45 am EST

BREAK - 10 minutes

Session 2/Day 2 | 11:55 pm EST - 12:35 pm EST

BREAK - 10 minutes

Session 3/Day 3| 12:45 pm EST - 1:30 pm EST



Understanding & Finding

On day one, we will explore the four components of a good narrative. Next, we will step students through the process of finding their essay topic guided by thought provoking questions.


Point of View & Drafting

During the second day, we will explore the various points of view and tenses students might use to complete their essay. Then, they will begin putting their essay ideas down on paper. 


Editing 101 & Re-Drafting

On the third day, students will arrive with a more developed essay and we will guide them through that first general editing step. In the second part of this session, students will re-draft the essay, but this time with feeling! If all goes well, they will have a solid draft of this general admissions essay or at least a very good start to one.



100% of our students DOUBLED their confidence in being able to write a solid common application admissions essay after day one of this webinar series. 

3/5 students finished the 3-day webinar with a solid draft of their

common application admissions essay.

98% of our students rate their webinar experience 5 out of 5 stars!

(The other 2% give us a 4! We like that!) 

Like what you see?

Ready to get started on the college application early to reduce stress for next fall? 

We have ONLY 50 SPACES available for this webinar series, SO ACT FAST!






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