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College Admissions Essay Accelerator Course
Worried about your College Application Essays? 

We've worked with 1000's of students over the years and the #1 fear of students in this process is the dreaded college admissions essay. 

Many students struggle with writing


Do you dread when you child has a writing assignment for school? 


Do you spend hours trying to get them started for with these assignments because of their writers block? 


Do they hate writing


Do they do it happily but not well


Are they a victim of the "just do your best" generation and that best isn't going to be good enough for their college admissions application

Do one, some or all of these sound like you?




Well.....maybe you don't fear doing the essay but maybe you don't know where to begin?


Maybe you have so many ideas you are having decision paralysis on which topic to choose.


Every student is different in relation to what is giving them their personal block to getting this done.


Maybe it is simply carving out dedicated time to make this happen.

Maybe you have forgotten the steps to writing an effective essay

You may have never been taught these steps.


No matter your block or situation, our accelerator course is going to move you forward.

Here is what you get:

3 days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

2 hours per day with a 30 minute break in between (Tuesday & Wednesday)

One hour final day (Friday)

The classes will help you to:

Get Prepared to write the essay. (There are important steps! Just like instructions on IKEA furniture, you can't skip this step.)

Work through what story will take center stage on their application.

Review or learn the steps to creating a compelling essay. 

Applying these steps to creating that first draft.

Revisiting these steps in a second draft.

Final polishing steps for your essay. 


If your student could use these writing skills, expert guidance on choosing and writing about their theme or just need dedicated time this summer to get it done, register today


We are positive it will ACCELERATE them toward completing this looming college application task and help to reduce the time they spend and their stress on completing college applications this fall.  


Not sure is this is the right course of action? Consider this?