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The below services can be provided separately at an hourly rate or we highly recommend a comprehensive engagement with us as each service builds upon the others and ensures the best possible outcome. But the choice is yours! 

Career Cards


Industry Planning Assessment | Elevate - Myers-Briggs

We’re ready to guide you through our specialized interest inventory survey (iStrong) developed by the very best experts as the Myers-Briggs Company to help you gain the best understanding about your interests, learning styles and work habits. At Global College Search Associates, we combine our insights and your survey results to create a connection to relatable careers that provide the foundation to more targeted major and college exploration than anyone else. And we have the credentials to assure our clients they are getting the best guidance.

Laptop Writing


Right-Fit Colleges, Less Stress

Similar to using a tax accountant during tax season, our counselors have years of experience with helping students narrow and select institutions that are right-fit for them. We have proven steps to guide your student through the process of finding just the right list of school for them to consider. We'll help them assess the major factors like size, location, academic reputation and cost but also ask them to dig deeper into more nuanced consideration to help them understand their right fit college options. Most importantly, our knowledge will help them and you move through this process faster than if you were to do it alone.

School Application


A Strategic Approach

Once students have selected their colleges then the application process can begin. Beside completing the biographical information, it's important that students understand and complete the rest of their application in such as way that it allows many dimensions of themselves to shine through to the admissions committee. This includes a strategy for letters of recommendation, list of activities, a resume, etc. We help guide students through each application so that it is specific to each institution, the students genuine work and the best representation of them that we can construct.

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Expert Guidance

Many institutions pay particular attention to the college application essay. A number of institutions request 3-4 essays as a part of their application. It is critical that students construct a well written essay but also one that provides new information and new insights about themselves to the admissions committee. We take special care to work with students early in the process and throughout to ensure a well planned and executed essay. We read 1000s of essays so we very well know what institutions are looking to see. We don't write the essay for the student but our guidance ensures their best possible work.

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Online Help with a Proven Track Record

Global College Search Associates is proud to partner with 3RPrep to provide online SAT | ACT preparation services. They have a proven track record of outstanding results. That's why we chose them as our partner. If you seek help with obtaining your best score or need assistance with improving the one you achieved so far, our partners are ready to help.

College Campus


A Guide Informed by 1000's

We were the people who put the campus visit experience together for numerous colleges and universities. So we understand why these visits are structured they way they are and how you can maximize the information you get from such an experience. For many students, it will be their only opportunity to get a "feel" for the school. So proper planning and a battery of questions we have compiled over the years, help our families tremendously.

Job Interview


Expert Guidance

Not every institution requires an interview but for those that do, you need to be prepared. From a wealth of experience, we understand the questions that are posed to students in these situations. We use this knowledge to practice their responses armed with meaningful examples from their past to polish how they present themselves to their interviewer. Practice makes perfect!

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Performing Arts Background

We have consultants who have worked in some of the best visual and performing arts institutions. Some even have a side profession as writers! This personal affinity toward the arts coupled with years assisting admissions faculty in their review of these types of application submissions allow us to best guide your student through this additional process for these programs.

Flexible Payment Planning




Can you afford it? Can you afford with some help? We'll guide you.

Are you stressing out over writing your college essay? Is it the least favorite thing you have to do for your application? Our bootcamp may be the answer to your prayers. 

The financial aid process can be complex. There are many forms (CSS, FAFSA, Loan applications, merit-based aid and scholarships). We guide you through the various forms and processes that will help you understand what is available and what is possible so that you truly understand what is affordable for your family and can create a list of schools that you don't have to turn down in the end because you don't have the funds to pay.

We are offering several  3 day - 5 hour admissions essay writing boot camps throughout the summer. These are conducted as webinars so that the student can complete the course in the comfort of their own home and parents don't have to worry about getting them to a location. Summers are busy. We get that! 


We also know that with the right process and dedicated time, any student can knock out their general college admissions essay. You may not have a "knock-it-out-of-the-park" essay at the end of our webinar but you will have the tools to write any of your application essays, a bunch of ideas for topics to tell your story and a jump on one of the more time consuming tasks of the college application well before the fall of your Senior year. Doesn't that sound like a good idea? Of course it does!