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IECA Professional Member

Dr. Neimeyer has a 30 year career in higher education administration. He has worked at small liberal arts, major research and specialty health science institutions. In addition, he has led statewide and local workforce development initiatives and even held a National Institute of Health (NIH) grant. His unique background empowers him to help students understand the balance between work and learn as well as assisting students to understand their right-fit college where they achieve their career goals. He lives in Chicago Illinois with his wife, twin high schoolers and sheltie (Tucker). 



GCSA Associate

Patricia has more than 15+ years of experience in admissions and enrollment management as varying sized institutions throughout the United States. In addition to helping students generally that are in rigorous college preparatory tracks, she has specific expertise in the visual and performing arts process and academically challenged students who are seeking a successful path toward college and career. She also prides herself on helping families manage the parent-student dynamic to reduce their high stress often experienced during this process. She lives in Nashville, IN and in her spare time leads efforts with the Brown County Literacy Coalition that is supported in part by Dolly Parton!  



Dr. Suzie Carmack

GCSA Affiliate

Dr. Carmack is a world-renowned expert in the science of stress reduction and well-being promotion, and an Assistant Professor of Global and Community Health at George Mason University. As a well-being author, speaker, scholar, coach and trainer of board-certified well-being coaches, she has personally coached over 2000 individuals, teams, families, leaders, organizations and government agencies to thrive. She is also a mother of three – who has navigated the college search process three times for her adult children (aged 24, 22, and 18 years). Dr. Carmack's role at GCSA has been to develop a series of webinars that we are releasing to introduce the concepts of wellness to help them reduce the stress and anxiety that can evolve throughout this process. We want your journey to be an enjoyable one and to provide our families with the tools to keep it on track to be so. Learn more about Dr. Carmack at

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Phil McCaffery

GCSA Affiliate - 3RPrep | Test Preparation 

Phil has been tutoring since the third grade, when his teacher turned his desk around to face the class so that he could give the multiplication quiz she had turned into a game. She wanted to find a way to let someone else to win for a change. Phil says, “It wasn’t that I was the smartest kid in the class, I just knew how to play the game. College testing is very much the same. I learned to play their game and I play to win.”

He started teaching test prep in 1994 for a national test-prep company. Keeping students on and off for more than twenty five years, Phil honed his teaching skills first for the U.S. Navy as a college NROTC instructor, a Sunday School teacher, a corporate salesman, and then ultimately as a high school teacher at a downtown Pittsburgh charter school. Helping students achieve top test scores is his true passion.

Phil holds an engineering degree from Penn State, where he attended on a Navy ROTC scholarship. He holds a MBA from Old Dominion, where he taught NROTC. His teaching certificate is through Robert Morris. He lives in historic Old Economy, PA just outside of Pittsburgh.